Professional Services - Schedule of Condition

When a lease is due to expire on business premises there is always the issue of the Schedule of Dilapidations which must be dealt with.

Tenants are often unaware of repairing obligations that have built up over the time of their lease and the costs of repairs can often run into tens of thousands of pounds. A Schedule of Dilapidations is now widely considered to be a potentially massive hidden cost to a tenant. But these costs can often be avoided or contained if a Schedule of Condition is prepared at the outset. It is a record of the property’s state of repair prior to lease commencement and it is the surest way for a tenant to protect their position.

Dilapidations claims are becoming an increasingly specialist area of surveying and legal practice and MWCS have over 30 years’ experience in this field. We have worked closely with many firms of solicitors to ensure that our Schedule of Condition becomes part of the lease thus providing a detailed photographic record of the state of the premises at the time of occupation.

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