Sustainability - PROMis



MWCS are serious about sustainability and our PROMiS™ methodology has been developed to help our clients measure the sustainabilty of their projects.


PROMiS™ is a software tool and sustainability methodology that has been developed to help balance the many factors that affect a sustainable project, be it a regeneration or development effort, a portfolio assessment project or a corporate sustainability drive.

PROMiS™ can be applied to a single property, a whole portfolio or to a complete regeneration project.

PROMiS™ allows the sustainability of a project to be assessed and illustrated graphically at all project stages.

  • Using PROMiS™ the various aspects of sustainability can be balanced and the inter-relationship of these assessed.
  • PROMiS™ identifies areas where there may be room for improvement and allows the project team to achieve optimum benefit, demonstrating continual improvement and evolution of a project over time.
  • PROMiS™ is a lifecycle methodology that is fully adapted to real estate projects (both properties and developments) or corporate projects (the sustainable enterprise). Our qualified consultants can help you to achieve your PROMiS, measure your success and improve your sustainability metrics.

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